April 17, 2020

CMS Releases PDPM DLL Package v1.0004 for MDS Software Vendors

CMS has posted for MDS 3.0 software developers and vendors v1.0004 of their PDPM DLL Package to support the new ICD-10-CM code, U07.1, for Coronavirus, available for use on all nursing home resident assessments with target dates of 4/1/2020 or later. The package contains updated test files and documentation and can be downloaded from the CMS MDS 3.0 Technical Information webpage.

Posted to that same webpage is a separate zip file with an updated list of allowable ICD-10 codes for MDS item I0020B, the ICD code for the resident’s primary medical condition.

CMS Updates PDPM for new Coronavirus ICD-10 Code

CMS has expanded PDPM rules to allow the use of a new ICD-10-CM code, U07.1, for Coronavirus, as an allowable code for MDS item I0020B, but only on assessments with target dates on or after 4/1/2020.

Nursing homes using this new code must have MDS software using the current PDPM version (v1.0004 or later) or they will receive a -3945 fatal error message. Providers will also see -3935b warning errors on all 4/1/2020 or later accepted assessments in their Final Validation reports until their software is running the current PDPM version. In either case, providers must contact their MDS software vendor for assistance.

jRAVEN v1.7.2 Update Available

CMS has released v1.7.2 of their free Java based software application that provides an option for facilities to collect and maintain MDS assessment data for subsequent submission to the appropriate state and/or national data repository. This update includes:

  • A fix to a defect that was causing the HIPPS score calculated in jRAVEN to not match the score calculated by the Submission System
  • Changes in support of the MDS Data Specifications Errata V3.00.3

Please go to the QTSO jRAVEN webpage for downloads and user/installation guides.