April 6, 2020

Texans who are essential workers must still go to work, and those who are parents will need child care. To this end, a new searchable website has launched: Frontline Child Care Availability Portal. Parents can see which providers are open and have available seats for different ages of children.

Providers who are planning to re-open their program to serve essential workers, should update their information on this website for parents. Complete the Availability Form to quickly update your availability as often as you want. You must update this at least once a week. we recommend you bookmark this webpage.

  • To keep the information as accurate as possible for parents, your available seats data is wiped clean seven days after you last updated the portal.
  • If you re-open to the public, please update the portal even if you have zero openings for any or all age groups.
  • If you decide to close again, report information to Child Care Regulation using this survey.