April 30, 2020

The Client Assignment and Registration System does not allow program providers to make changes or corrections to automatically renewed individual plans of care. HHSC is working on an automated solution for this problem. To address immediate needs, program providers must work with the Local Intellectual and Developmental Disability Authority service coordinators to make changes or corrections based on the information below:

  • If a service plan team meeting was held to renew the IPC, the LIDDA SC will:
    • Delete the auto-renewal
    • Contact the provider to re-enter the renewal IPC generated from the meeting
    • Contact HHSC utilization review staff to remove flags if needed
  • If the SPT meeting was not held to renew the IPC:
    • The LIDDA SC will move the auto-renewal IPC through CARE.
    • If the LIDDA SC does not agree with services or service amounts as indicated on the auto-renewal, the LIDDA SC will:
    • The LIDDA SC will not return the IPC to the program provider as the provider is not able to make changes or corrections to an IPC that has been automatically renewed.
      • The LIDDA SC will not postpone authorization for hard copy or signature.

This guidance applies to:

  • HCS program providers
  • LIDDAs service coordinators
  • TxHmL program providers

HHSC will work with program providers and LIDDA service coordinators to ensure continued services are available for individuals. Please contact the HCS and TxHmL UR message line at 512-438-5055 for assistance.