March 23, 2020

Providers must have personal protective equipment available. You should try to get PPE through your normal supply chain or through other resources available to you first. Some resources are sister facilities, local partners or stakeholders, Public Health Region, Healthcare Coalition, or Regional Advisory Councils.

If you can’t get PPE from vendor(s) and have exhausted all other options, send an official request to your local office of emergency management via the State of Texas Assistance Request (STAR) process. Please note that this is not a guarantee of receiving PPE. Supplies of PPE may be insufficient to meet demand.

Providers who are having difficulty getting PPE should follow national guidelines for optimizing their current supply of PPE or identify the next best option to care for people receiving services from the provider while protecting staff. If providers are unable to get PPE for reasons outside their control, HHSC surveyors will not cite them.

For the most current guidance on the use of PPE and how to conserve PPE, access resources from DSHS and CDC. The CDC COVID-19 website has sections for health care professionals and health care facilities.  

The CDC also has specific information relating to: