March 30, 2020

Dear Child Care Provider,

In follow-up to last night’s email notifying you about the new Frontline Child Care Availability Portal, we are requesting that you complete this form before 8:00pm on Tuesday, March 31. This is not a regulatory requirement, though we would like to publish accurate information listed for your child care operation in the upcoming Frontline Child Care Availability Portal. While you can continue entering information after this deadline, this portal will be launched for parents the evening of April 1, and we want parents to have accurate information.

Several providers have faced challenges accessing portal. If you have any errors logging in, please visit this link to find instructions for how to log in for the first time.

As a reminder, providers should continue to work with their local public health entities and follow local control orders with regards to the families they serve. Please be proactive and continue to follow health and safety guidance provided by CDC and DSHS.

Thank you,

Jean Shaw
Associate Commissioner, Child Care Regulation, Health & Human Services Commission
Member, Agency Task Force, Project Frontline Child Care

Reagan Miller
Division Director, Child Care & Early Learning, Texas Workforce Commission
Member, Agency Task Force, Project Frontline Child Care