December 13, 2019

Register Now for the Quality Assurance, Performance Improvement and Resident Safety Training

Quality Monitoring Program is offering its new two-day training at locations across the state. This training provides nursing facility staff with the knowledge and skills to develop and evaluate different approaches to quality assurance, performance improvement and resident safety. Topics include:

  • Introduction to quality assurance, performance improvement and resident safety
  • Regulations and standards related to quality management in long-term care
  • Quality management tools
  • Patient safety and infection control
  • Quality in action
  • Change and organizational culture
  • Evidence-based practice to improve processes and practices
  • Putting the pieces together: An integrated approach to the quality program

Participants will be able to start and build on quality processes in their nursing facilities and teach the curriculum to other staff members.

Remaining Dates and Locations

Dec. 18-19, 2019 - San Antonio
Jan. 8-9, 2020 - Edinburg
Feb. 5-6, 2020 - Corpus Christi
Feb. 19-20, 2020 – Houston
Register now for this free, two-day training. Visit the conference web page for more information. Email questions to

New Online Training Courses Available in the HHS Learning Portal

Three new QMP online training opportunities are available in the HHS Learning Portal:

  • Advanced Certified Nurse Aide Training – This comprehensive five-module course provides nursing facility staff with a thorough education on responsibilities related to the Advanced Certified Nursing Aide. Individual modules examine the role of the CNA in providing nursing facility rules and regulations, quality care for geriatric residents and residents with intellectual or developmental disabilities or mental illnesses, the role of CNAs in supporting resident assessments, and the safety and well-being of residents. This online course is approved for continuing education credit for certified nurse aides. HHSC is an approved provider of certified nurse aide credit as governed by 26 TAC Chapter 556, §556.9(3)(C).
  • Meaningful Engagement to Enhance Quality of Life – Designed for nursing facility activity directors, licensed nurses, certified nurse aides, and ancillary staff, this training explains evidence-based best practices to help staff develop meaningful person-centered activity programs and implement individualized activities that reflect each resident’s preferences, customary habits, and lifestyle. This course is approved for continuing education credit for certified nurse aides and nursing facility directors. HHSC is an approved provider of certified nurse aide credit as governed by 26 TAC Chapter 556, §556.9 (3) and (4). HHSC is an approved provider of NF-AD credit as governed by 40 TAC Chapter 19, §19.702.
  • PASRR in the Nursing Facility – A new online Preadmission Screening and Resident Review course for nursing facility staff is available. This nine-module course provides thorough education, information, and resources that are needed to successfully complete all NF responsibilities related to the PASRR process. In addition, this training details the complexities of caring for residents with intellectual or developmental disabilities, mental illness, or both.

To complete these courses, please visit the HHS Learning Portal and create a user account. After creating your account, select the provided course links and navigate the portal to find the course. Email questions to

Contest in Honor of National Activity Professionals Week 2020

International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners, and Center for Applied Research in Dementia “Global Certification”, Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professionals are hosting a contest.

ICCDP and CARD have joined together to celebrate the National Activity Professionals Week: Jan. 19 -25, 2020. Activity professionals are invited to submit an original idea for an activity based on Cameron Camp’s Montessori principles.

For more information and instructions for submissions, see the ICCDP and Card National Activity Week Contest document (PDF). Deadline for submission is Jan. 2, 2020.

Assisted Living Facilities

The Nursing Facility Quality Review is a biennial data collection, focusing on quality of care and quality of life and consumer satisfaction in Medicaid-certified nursing facilities in Texas.

In 2019, the NFQR included a pilot study data collection in 35 randomly-selected assisted living facilities. The information gathered will help the Quality Monitoring Program refine survey instruments specifically for the assisted living setting if additional data collections are conducted. In addition, this data will also help the QMP develop resources and educational opportunities to help address the needs of assisted living providers.

As with previous NFQRs, data is always presented in aggregate – no facility or resident specific data is ever disclosed. For this initial pilot, the primary goal is to get more information about the assisted living setting and the people living in these facilities.

The data collection includes three main components – a facility level review, a resident level review and a resident interview.

  • The facility level review provides an overview of certain systems within the facility including the percentage of residents with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, and the training the staff has received related to the care of people with dementia. It also addresses overall use of antipsychotic medications by residents in the facility. Other items include staff training on identifying, reporting and preventing abuse, neglect and exploitation.
  • The resident level review addresses several clinical and psychosocial issues including substance use and abuse, diabetes mellitus, falls, pain, medication regimen, incontinence, immunizations and infections. It also looks at the presence or absence of any advance care planning documents such as a Directive to Physicians, Medical Power of Attorney or Out of Hospital Do Not Resuscitate.
  • The resident interview includes more than 40 questions related to quality of life and satisfaction with the care and services received in the facility. For example: “Do people knock first and wait for an answer before coming into your room?”, “Do you like the food here?” and “Do staff members treat you with respect?”.

If the resident is unable or unwilling to participate in the interview, the data collectors will contact the family or Legally Authorized Representative and ask only two questions: ”Overall, how satisfied are you (or your family member) with your experience in this facility?” and “Overall, how satisfied are you (or your family member) with your health care services?”.
See previous NFQR reports. Email questions to

Nursing Facilities

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has announced a delay in releasing “Updated Interpretive Guidance and training for the Phase 3 Requirements for Participation for Long-Term Care Facilities”. This guidance will not be released until the second quarter of calendar year 2020. CMS will also release information on training and implementing related changes to The Long-Term Care Survey Process.

While CMS has decided to let the Phase 3 regulations go into effect on Nov. 28, 2019 as originally planned, the Guidance to Surveyors will not be completed until spring of 2020, so enforcement of the regulations may be delayed. See the link for more information.

Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF/IID)

“Montessori Inspired Lifestyle®: Montessori Based Dementia Programming® - 1 Day Seminar” In-person in Austin, Texas, or via webinar!
HHSC is bringing a Montessori course provided by Dr. Cameron Camp. He is founder of Center for Applied Research in Dementia and the Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional certification provided by the International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.

Read more for full details on this event.

Dec. 17, 2019; Time: 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. Education credits available!

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