News Release

Texas Health and Human Services Commission

Dr. Courtney N. Phillips
HHS Executive Commissioner
Date:July 10, 2019
John Reynolds, 512-424-6951

Texas Extends Time for June Flood Victims to Seek Benefits

AUSTIN – Texas Health and Human Services announced those affected by the June flooding in the Rio Grande Valley will have additional time to seek the replacement of food purchased with SNAP benefits that was destroyed due to flooding.

Households will now have until the end of July to request food replacement benefits. This additional time is being extended to residents of Cameron, Hidalgo and Willacy counties.

Severe storms and flooding that occurred on June 24, 2019, led to power outages in multiple areas of the state lasting four hours or more. Some residents went without power for several days. With many residents unable to contact their local benefits office due to lack of transportation or other hardships, this extension will allow Texas to provide the residents of these three counties with additional time to report their SNAP food loss.

The federal government approved the extension earlier this week.

Texas estimates that approximately 130,000 SNAP households, representing 325,000 individuals, will be affected by this time extension. The estimated amount of replacement benefits is $12.3 million.

More Information
Requests for replacement benefits must be done at the local HHSC eligibility office. For assistance in locating their nearest office, people can dial 2-1-1. To check benefit amounts, recipients can visit or call the Lone Star Help Desk at 800-777-7EBT (800-777-7328).