June 10, 2019

Applies to: Licensed Child Care Centers, Before or After-School Programs, School-Age Programs, Licensed Child Care Homes, Registered Child Care Homes, Listed Family Homes

Hurricane season starts June 1 so now is an excellent time to assess how ready you are for a natural disaster, both at your child care operation and home.

As Hurricane Harvey demonstrated in 2017, disasters can wreak havoc on child care operations displacing children from care and staff from employment. Did you know that many child care operations lost critical records due to the storm and flooding? Loss of staff training records and personnel details can be safely and securely uploaded and stored in the Texas Workforce Registry for FREE! Check out this free resource today as part of your disaster preparation and planning for any type of emergency if hurricanes do not impact your area.

Please use the links below for updated resource to review your emergency preparedness and disaster planning today!

Make a plan:

Build a kit:

Get Informed:

In the event of a declared disaster, you may receive an email from: Texas Health and Human Services Commission asking you to complete an online survey.

You must complete this survey as it provides Child Care Licensing, Texas Workforce Commission, and the Federal Office of Child Care with critical updates on the status of your operation and requests information on how the disaster has impacted your ability to provide care for children.