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Texas Health and Human Services Commission

Dr. Courtney N. Phillips
HHS Executive Commissioner
Date:March 20, 2019
Kelli Weldon, 512-424-6951

Texas Announces First IDD Strategic Plan

Updated: Aug. 2, 2019

AUSTIN – The Texas Health and Human Services Commission is partnering with stakeholders to develop the state’s first Intellectual and Developmental Disability Strategic Plan. A Foundation of the IDD Strategic Plan was posted online in February 2019.

This is the state’s first statewide strategic plan focused solely on intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Working with stakeholders across Texas, HHSC identified a need to develop a comprehensive strategy, given the unique challenges faced by people with IDD, according to Sonja Gaines, HHSC deputy executive commissioner for Intellectual and Developmental Disability and Behavioral Health Services.

The foundation is the first phase in the development of the full plan and aims to provide an initial understanding of the Texas system for people with IDD.

“We are collaborating with agencies across the state, and our goal is to highlight what we’re doing well and how we can do better,” Gaines said. “This statewide strategic plan will help us as we develop new interventions, models of care and best practices to enhance quality of life for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.”

HHSC intends to develop the Statewide IDD Strategic Plan by late summer 2020. The plan will focus on the development of goals, objectives and strategies to address identified gaps and include short- and long-term goals.

A Foundation of the IDD Strategic Plan was developed in concert with the second edition of the Texas Statewide Behavioral Health Strategic Plan. For more information, view the Statewide Behavioral Health Strategic Plan Update and Foundation for the IDD Strategic Plan here:

Members of the public can send questions about the development of the IDD Strategic Plan to