March 22, 2019

The Health and Human Services Commission has drafted the Medically Dependent Children Program Waiver amendment three for Waiver Year Two. The purpose of the amendment is to:

  • Update the Cost Neutrality Demonstration in Appendix J for waiver years two through five as it relates to the projections for the comparison population reflected in G and G'.
  • Update the description for the basis of the estimate of the average length of stay on the waiver by participants.
  • Add Appendix H-2 to specify whether the state has deployed a patient experience of care or quality of life survey, including the type of survey tool utilized, for its Home and Community Based Services population in the last 12 months.
  • Add clarification in Appendix E that the state's method to conduct background checks does not vary from Appendix C-2.

Please see the MDCP Waiver Applications page for a copy of the MDCP amendment draft and email with any questions or concerns. The amendment draft will be posted until April 15.