Providers’ transitions to DataLogic Vesta EVV from MEDsys VinCENT should have completed by Sept. 30, 2018. If you have not transitioned and do not have a transition date, please contact DataLogic immediately at

If an attendant uses the MEDsys VinCENT system to call in and out of after the provider has transitioned, the provider must manually enter these visits into the DataLogic Vesta System. Providers must use the preferred Reason Code 305: Malfunctioning Small Alternative Device or Invalid Small Alternative Device Value – Verified Services Were Delivered, for these visits. Providers must add “MEDsys Transition” and the actual service delivery begin and end times in the Free Text comments field.

Oct. 28, 2018 is the last day to access the MEDsys VinCENT system for any reason. For questions regarding this alert, please contact HHSC EVV Operations.