September 6, 2018

Applies to: All Day Care operation types, Licensed Child Care Center, Before or After-School Programs, School-Age Programs, Licensed Child Care Homes, and Registered Child Care Homes

(Caseload Update, Scroll Down for Spanish and Vietnamese)

Child Care Licensing is implementing a new, statewide caseload management tool on Sept. 1 2018 to ensure that inspectors maintain manageable caseloads, and provide quality customer service. At this time, you may begin to work with a new CCL inspector who will introduce themselves by email or mail and will provide you with their contact information.

As a regulated operation, you are required to allow CCL inspectors access to your operation during business hours. We want you to be comfortable with who is coming to your operation and want you to know that all CCL staff will display their Texas Health & Human Services badge in plain view.

Additionally, to better serve providers who speak a language other than English, we have a service available to assist our inspectors with translations.

Please make sure you have already set up your online provider account. Below are provider registration and login resources to assist you with the process:

  • Login if you're registered.
  • Register as an online provider to enter background checks and review your inspections.
  • Help | Tutorial or Tutorial

CCL Online Provider Account Tutorial Videos

Thank you for your continued support and care for the children of Texas.