HHSC proposes amendments, repeals, and new rules to the Texas Administrative Code, Title 40, Part 1, Chapters: 15, Licensing Standards for Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Centers (PPECC); 90, Licensing Standards for Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with an Intellectual Disability (ICF/IID); 92 Licensing Standards for Assisted Living Facilities (ALF); and 98, Licensing Standards for Day Activity and Health Services (DAHS).

The draft proposed rules include amendments related to the following:

  • Development of a tracking system to record and track the scope and severity of violations for the purpose of assessing administrative penalties or other enforcement actions for ALF, DAHS, ICF/IID and PPECC.
  • Development of a system for assessing administrative penalties without the opportunity to correct if the violation meets a certain level of scope and severity based on the new tracking system for ALF, DAHS, ICF/IID and NF.
  • Development of rules related to the training of ALF, DAHS and NF staff who provide direct care to persons with Alzheimer’s disease or related disorders.
  • Development of a system to transition an ALF, DAHS, ICF/IDD, and PPECC license to three years with a prorated license fee.
  • Clarification of inspection and survey frequency for ALF, DAHS, and ICF/IDD.
  • The notice of proposed rules was published in the June 22, 2018 issue of the Texas Register. To submit written comments, please refer to the “Public Comment” section in the Texas Register.

Email questions to josie.esparza@hhsc.state.tx.us.