HHSC is streamlining the SAD request process. Provider agencies will now be able to order SADs electronically through the DataLogic Vesta EVV vendor system, eliminating the requirement to complete a SAD Agreement form and the requirement for individual and member signatures to order a SAD. 

The new eSAD process is effective May 1, 2018 and will allow provider agencies to:

  • Order a new or replacement SAD
  • Order additional zip tie(s)
  • Track SAD and zip tie order(s)
  • Manage,  assign and un-assign SADs
  • Manage shipping addresses

This new electronic ordering process will help reduce the number of rejected SAD requests due to missing or incorrect information. The EVV system will also auto-populate the following information from the client record on the eSAD order request: 

  • Client Name
  • Medicaid ID
  • DOB
  • Client address
  • Payor
  • Program

Please contact DataLogic Vesta at info@vestaevv.com for questions regarding the eSAD ordering process.

Please contact HHSC EVV Operations at Electronic_Visit_Verification@hhsc.state.tx.us for questions regarding this notice.