Members Sought for Drug Utilization Review Board

If you are interested in the statewide Drug Utilization Review Program for Medicaid ensuring drug therapy is appropriate, necessary and safe while allowing adequate professional discretion and advising HHSC on the operation of a statewide Medicaid preferred drug list based on drugs’ efficacy, clinical significance, cost effectiveness and safety, you might be interested in being a member of the Drug Utilization Review Board.

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission executive commissioner will appoint members to the board to serve a four-year term. Applications are due by 11:59 p.m., March 27. 

HHSC will consider the applicants' qualifications, background and interest in serving on the board. HHSC also tries to choose board members who, as a whole, represent the diversity of all Texans. For that reason, HHSC considers applicants' ethnicity, gender and geographic location.

You may submit the application by email, mail or fax. 


Texas Health and Human Services Commission
4900 N. Lamar Blvd.
Mail Code 2250
Austin, TX 78751
Attn:  Maribel O. Castoreno

Fax:  512-491-1962
Attn:  Maribel O. Castoreno

HHSC will notify applicants by Aug. 1 if they have been selected.

About the Drug Utilization Review Board

The board meets quarterly to develop outpatient drug criteria and standards impacting Texas Medicaid, including:

  • Developing and submitting recommendations for the Texas Medicaid Preferred Drug List.
  • Suggesting clinical prior authorizations on outpatient prescription drugs.
  • Recommending educational drug therapy interventions for Medicaid providers.
  • Reviewing drug utilization across the Medicaid program.

The board will include key stakeholders as determined by the HHS executive commissioner. The board must include representatives of each of the following: 

  •  Physicians and pharmacists serving the Medicaid population representing at least one of each of the following: 
    • One primary care physician.
    • One pediatrician.
    • One obstetrician-gynecologist.
    • One psychiatrist serving children.
    • One psychiatrist serving adults.
    • One pharmacist.
  • One physician representing Texas Medicaid managed care organization (non-voting member).
  • One pharmacist representing Texas Medicaid managed care organization (non-voting member).
  • One consumer advocate, representing Medicaid clients.

A member must regularly participate in board meetings and may also have to participate in subcommittee meetings, projects and presentations. Board meetings will be held at least quarterly in Austin or at the call of the presiding officer. Board members receive reimbursement for travel expenses to participate on the board.

To Learn More

For more information, contact Maribel O. Castoreno at