HHSC’s contract with MEDsys expires Nov. 6, 2018 and is not renewing. MEDsys is operating under its second correction action plan related to data issues, which does not meet HHSC’s goal ensuring the accuracy of EVV data.

To lessen the impact from this change to providers:

  • HHSC is working in collaboration with MEDsys to transition all providers in phases to Datalogic (i.e. Vesta) before the MEDsys contract expires.
  • Providers should continue to use their EVV system until the transition is complete.

MEDsys data and system improvements efforts will remain underway during this time.

HHSC will be providing additional communication after completing discussions with MEDsys, Datalogic, MCOs and HHSC leadership.

Please email HHSC EVV at Electronic_Visit_Verification@hhsc.state.tx.us for questions regarding this notice.