The updated CMS OASIS-C2 Guidance Manual is effective as of Jan. 1, 2018 and replaces the previous version in its entirety. The updated manual includes the errata corrections from the previous version and clarifications about the One Clinician Rule. Agencies are encouraged to print out the manual and make it accessible for agency staff and downloading it here.   

OASIS Convention # 13 the “One Clinician Rule” has been expanded to include collaboration on all OASIS Items as follows:  “Only one clinician may take responsibility for accurately completing a comprehensive assessment. However, for all OASIS data items integrated within the comprehensive assessment, collaboration with the patient, caregivers, and other health care personnel, including the physician, pharmacist, and/or other agency staff is appropriate and would not violate the one clinician convention.  When collaboration is utilized, the assessing clinician is responsible for considering available input from these other sources and selecting the appropriate OASIS item response(s) within the appropriate timeframe and consistent with data collection guidance.”

Additional information regarding the “One Clinician Rule” that agencies should consider:  “Agencies may have the comprehensive assessment completed by one clinician.  If collaboration with other health care personnel and/or agency staff is utilized, the agency is responsible for establishing policies and practices related to collaborative efforts, including how assessment information from multiple clinicians will be documented within the clinical record, ensuring compliance with applicable requirements, and accepted standards of practice.”

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