If you are interested in acquired brain injury issues, you might be interested in being a member of the Texas Brain Injury Advisory Council.

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission executive commissioner will appoint members to the council to serve a three-year term. Applications are due by 11:59 p.m., Feb. 28. 

HHSC will consider the applicants' qualifications, background and interest in serving on the council. HHSC also tries to choose council members who, as a whole, represent the diversity of all Texans. For that reason, HHSC considers applicants' ethnicity, gender and geographic location.

You may submit the application by email, mail or fax. 


Texas Health and Human Services Commission
P.O. Box 13247, 2010
Austin, TX 78711
Attn: Crystal Starkey

Fax:  512-206-5812
Attn:  Crystal Starkey

About the Texas Brain Injury Advisory Council

The council advises the HHS executive commissioner and the HHS Office of Acquired Brain Injury on strategic planning, policy, rules and services related to the prevention of brain injury; rehabilitation; and the provision of long term services and supports for persons who have survived brain injuries to improve their quality of life and ability to function independently in the home and community. The council files an annual written report with the HHS executive commissioner, the governor and the Texas Legislature each even-numbered year. The council must seek input from brain injury survivors, family members and caregivers and professionals on these issues and produce formal recommendations to HHS on how to implement sustainable service and support strategies that meet the complex needs of persons who have survived a brain injury and those experiencing co-occurring conditions. The council will include key stakeholders as determined by the executive commissioner. The council must include representatives of each of the following: 

  • One representative of an institution of higher education engaged in research that impacts persons who have survived a brain injury.
  • One person who has survived a brain injury representing diverse ethnic and cultural groups and geographic regions of Texas.
  • One transition age youth service recipient who has survived a brain injury and is currently between 18 and 26 years old.
  • One representative from the stroke committee of the Governor's EMS & Trauma Advisory Council or other stakeholder group with a focus on stroke.

A Texas Brain Injury Advisory Council member must regularly participate in council meetings and may also have to participate in subcommittee meetings, projects and presentations. Council meetings will be held at least quarterly in Austin or at the call of the presiding officer. Council members don’t receive compensation (a stipend) for participation on the council.

To Learn More

For more information, contact Crystal Starkey at Crystal.starkey@hhsc.state.tx.us or visit https://hhs.texas.gov/about-hhs/leadership/advisory-committees/texas-brain-injury-advisory-council.