The Electronic Visit Verification program requires providers to document their visits to member’s/individual’s homes. If the member/individual doesn’t wish to let the attendant use their landline, the provider must install a small alternative device in the home.

Small alternative devices must be installed in the home of the person receiving services using a zip tie with your EVV vendor’s name printed on it. Failure to do so may result in a Medicaid fraud referral for the provider or member/individual or both.

Device Installation

  • Provider agency or attendant must install the device in the home.
  • Provider agency or attendant should ask the member/individual where they would like the device installed. The device should be in a place where it is accessible to the attendant at all times.
  • The device should be affixed to a permanent object in the home.

Malfunctioning Devices

  • If the device is malfunctioning, the attendant must notify the provider agency immediately so a new device can be ordered.
  • It’s the provider agency’s responsibility to replace the device promptly.
  • Until the device is replaced and installed, the provider agency must verify services were delivered and complete visit maintenance for those visits using the most appropriate reason code.

Zip Ties

  • If the zip tie has been cut, damaged or broken, the attendant must notify the provider agency immediately so a new zip tie can be ordered from the vendor and replaced.
  • If the device needs to be moved to a new location, the zip tie will need to be cut and a new vendor zip tie will need to be used to re-install the device at its new location.

If you are made aware of a device that is being used outside of the home or has been tampered with, please report it to HHSC Office of Inspector General at by calling 800-436-6184 or visiting their website at