Due to state and federal law, the extensive impact of Hurricane Harvey and the fluid nature of evacuations associated with the storm, HHS is unable to provide a state wide web resource documenting the location of all evacuated long-term care residents.  

Generally, FEMA is encouraging family and friends of individuals in affected areas to check social network sites like Facebook or Twitter for information about their loved ones, or to use the American Red Cross’s Safe and Well program https://safeandwell.communityos.org/cms/index.php, to let family members know they are safe, or looking for loved ones. 

The Texas Health and Human Services system is asking long-term care facilities to encourage evacuated residents to consider using these same resources if they wish to share information regarding their status or location.  Use of the Safe and Well program or social network platforms will allow residents to quickly provide loved ones with needed information while also freeing up regulatory resources dedicated to other aspects of emergency response.

NOTE: Long-terms care providers should fully understand the decision to use the Safe and Well program or to post information on a social network platform is completely at the discretion of the individual receiving services.  Long-term care providers may not post information regarding an individual without the individual’s consent.