The Health and Human Services Commission is looking for a diverse group of volunteers to provide input into the development of administrative rules pertaining to peer specialists and services in Texas. HHSC is seeking people with professional or personal experience with peer specialists or services to participate in the Peer Support Stakeholder Workgroup.

The workgroup will provide input on rules that:

  • Establish training requirements for peer specialists to provide services to persons with mental illness or services to people with substance use disorder (SUD).
  • Establish certification and supervision requirements for peer specialists.
  • Define the scope of services peer specialists may provide.
  • Distinguish peer services from other services a person must hold a license to provide.
  • Protect the health and safety of people receiving peer services.

Approximately 17-25 workgroup members may be appointed by the HHSC executive commissioner. Members will be representative of the following:

  • Organizations that certify mental health and SUD peer specialists
  • Organizations that employ mental health and SUD peer specialists
  • Peer specialists (mental health and SUD) employed in an urban and rural area of the state
  • People that train mental health and SUD peer specialists
  • Representatives of mental health and SUD licensed health care professional groups who supervise mental health and SUD peer specialists
  • Other people considered appropriate by the executive commissioner

Workgroup members will be committing their time, experience and knowledge to address issues related to peer specialists and services. We hope you will consider this opportunity and apply to shape the future of peer specialists and services in the workforce.

For more information, please contact Carissa Dougherty at