Providers that unable to call in and/or call out because of Hurricane Harvey will need to complete visit maintenance for those visits using Reason Code 130; Disaster or Emergency to document service delivery in the EVV system.  

Reason Code 130 is used when an attendant or assigned staff is unable to provide all or part of the scheduled services due to a disaster (e.g., flood, tornado, ice storm, fire, etc.) or other emergency (e.g., EMS must be called). Reason Code 130 is a preferred reason code.

Free text is required in the comment field; the provider must document the nature of the disaster or emergency and the actual time service delivery begins and/or ends in the comment field.  For example: Hurricane Harvey. Time In: 8:30 am - Time Out: 11:30 am.

Please contact your EVV vendor if you have EVV system issues.

Email questions to or contact your MCO.