The HHS Intellectual Disability and Developmental Services unit announces the release of a new online training course, PASRR Referring Entity Training.

This free training is designed to give PASRR referring entities the information, tools, and resources needed to successfully complete the PASRR Level I (PL1) Screening Form, a mandatory form that must be completed for all individuals being referred to nursing facilities. The training is highly recommended for anyone who serves as a referring entity, including all healthcare providers who refer individuals to Medicaid-certified nursing facilities.

PASRR is a federally-mandated program applied to all individuals seeking admission to Medicaid-certified nursing facilities, regardless of funding source. In the PASRR process, any entity referring a person for admission to a Medicaid-certified nursing facility is considered to be a referring entity.

To access and complete the PASRR Referring Entity Training, please go to the HHS Learning Portal, create a user login, and follow the instructions to complete the training.

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