Texas lawmakers, in the 2015 session, instructed the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) to survey residents of Medicaid-certified nursing facilities in Texas to assess the quality of care they receive and determine their satisfaction with their quality of life. The Nursing Facility Quality Review (NFQR) has been the process used to meet this legislative requirement since 2002.

HHSC has contracted with The University of Texas at Austin for the NFQR 2017 data collection. Nurse quality reviewers from The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing will visit 1,148 Medicaid-certified nursing facilities across the state to collect data, using a structured survey tool. The onsite reviews will run from January to December 2017.

During the on-site visits, the nurse quality reviewers will review the medical records of residents selected for the survey, and evaluate the quality of care provided in a number of clinical areas, from continence promotion to pressure injuries. The reviewers will interviews the residents to determine their satisfaction with the care they receive and with their quality of life in the facility.

The nurse quality reviewers are neither surveyors nor quality monitoring program staff. They represent HHSC under the contract with The University of Texas at Austin. The purpose of their visit is data collection only. Your facility is required to provide the nurse reviewers access to the resident records and to the residents themselves. You will be notified in advance of any visit scheduled to your facility and will be provided with the name of the nurse reviewer as well as a list of the documents required. Visits will generally be scheduled for normal business hours, Monday through Friday. However, visits may occur outside normal business hours, if necessary.

Only aggregate data is reported; no resident or facility specific information is released. The information collected helps HHSC track progress in current quality improvement activities and to develop strategies for new initiatives to improve the quality of care and quality of life for residents of Texas nursing facilities.

Email questions about the NFQR process to TQM@dads.state.tx.us. If you have questions about scheduling of on-site visits or about a nurse reviewer, call Dr. Tracie Harrison, 512-471-9085.