Gary Jessee started with HHS more than 20 years ago. He helped shape how Texas delivers social services and will soon work with other states to transform delivery systems.

HHS and TDA partner to help feed hungry kids this summer

Texas Health and Human Services and the Texas Department of Agriculture have teamed up again to help kids across Texas eat free this summer.

The Austin State Supported Living Center, which helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, kicked off its second century of operations with a celebration of its past and future.

When people think of palliative care, many think of end-of-life scenarios. And while this can be the case, it can also help anyone diagnosed with a chronic, serious illness.

The Texas Senate confirmed Charles Smith's appointment on April 19 as the Health Human Services executive commissioner for a two-year term at the head of the state's largest agency.

The Music & Memory program, which uses individualized music playlists on digital music players to unlock memories lost to dementia, is used at 250 nursing facilities in Texas. An expansion of the program will soon add 165 more. Pictured is a volunteer with a resident participating in the program at a San Antonio nursing home.

Music & Memory, a program that helps spark the memories and language of long-term care facility residents, will soon expand to include 165 more nursing homes.

Prenatal alcohol exposure affects 2 to 5 percent of all children. Yet, despite it being the leading cause of intellectual disabilities, it remains an issue often misunderstood by the public.

Ricky Broussard spent 29 years living in an intermediate care facility for individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability. Today, because of person-centered planning, he lives in his own apartment and gets 60 hours of care a week from one full-time and one part-time staff member.

After living 29 years in an intermediate care facility for individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability, learn how person-centered planning helped Ricky Broussard increase his independence.

Several reports of a possible telephone scam have been made involving people identifying themselves as being from Texas Health and Human Services.

Texas Health and Human Services and the nonprofit Texas System of Care invite students to create artwork showing why mental health matters.