Health and Human Services helps parents find the ideal caregiver for their young child by being a resource hub of valuable information and databases of licensed and regulated child care centers.

The Texas Talks program encourages you to discuss aging topics with older loved ones. Get help starting the conversation about collecting and storing personal information before an emergency happens.

World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day raises awareness of the AIDS pandemic and in Texas, people with the infection are living longer and healthier lives.

HHS is creating a new procurement and contracting framework to help ensure goods and services are provided to clients efficiently, accurately and responsively.

Candice Estrada, a nurse consultant for the Breast and Cervical Cancer Services Program, feels constantly rewarded because she provides resources to women across Texas and connects them with the services they need.

The HHS Aging Services Coordination office knows the importance of discussing age-related issues with loved ones and has developed the Texas Talks campaign to start the conversation.

John Kammerdiener, a resident at Denton State Supported Living Center, performs “Come Sail Away” by Styx for the sign solo competition during the 42nd Annual SSLC Music Festival on Oct. 11 in Austin.

Residents from the 13 state supported living centers participated in the 42nd Annual SSLC Music Festival, where routines and props were transformed into inspiring presentations.

Dr. Courtney N. Phillips started as the new executive commissioner for the Health and Human Services system on Oct. 19.

The HHS Family Violence Program is joining local and national organizations to raise awareness, boost prevention efforts and honor those who’ve been killed by an abusive partner during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Learn how to show your support and find resources.

Babies born in Texas are screened for 53 rare medical conditions, including a group of disorders that affect red blood cells. One of those blood disorders is sickle cell disease.